Come And Rest channel Alexisonfire and Underoath on their punishingly heavy ‘Blacklist’ EP

Following up on their 2013 release Royal Blood, Atlanta-based metalcore quartet Come And Rest put all of their anger and angst within the writing of their latest EP, Blacklist. A blacklist is defined to be a list of people or organizations that are disapproved of or need to be avoided, and every bit of that anger and disapproval can be felt within the EP’s six-track duration.

Opening track “Millennials” paints a pretty vivid picture of the frustrations of remaining stagnant and not moving forward. Tons of emotion can be felt each time vocalist Noel Alejandro shouts, “I’m just another brick in the wall.” Guitarists Daniel Goehring and Josh Harmon have a great way of laying down some smooth melodic structure to the track upon its conclusion.

Alejandro adds some vocal diversification within the opening of “Feeding Crows (Evermore),” producing a style very similar to a sound vocalist George Pettit of Alexisonfire flirted with throughout the album Old Crows/Young Cardinals. Complemented with the haunting instrumentals, “Feeding Crows (Evermore)” will leave you with a feeling of chills as the Underoath-esque style audio repeats, “How can you watch me fall?”

All six tracks of Blacklist pack a pretty hard punch for the listener. “Soapbox” brings the aggression to an 11 out of 10, while “Dead Poet Society” packs a hard punch in a more philosophical sense. There’s something enjoyable for all fans of the metalcore/post-hardcore scene within Blacklist. Come And Rest cover a good amount of ground in their latest release, and hold nothing back putting their emotions within the heavy guitar chugs and the angst-felt lyrics.