Anthony Raneri responds to criticism of his new solo song: “You don’t have to like it and you don’t have to buy it”

Bayside frontman Anthony Raneri recently announced details of his new EP, Sorry State Of Mind, and with that released a new song called “Gone,” which was a rather significant departure from Bayside, mainly due to its purposeful use of Auto-Tune in the chorus. You can hear the song below:

Raneri had received a number of accusations via social media that he was trying to become a pop star due to his Auto-Tune usage. Never one to mince words, the singer took to his blog tonight to respond to all the critics. Read his unedited response in full below:

“I wrote this on my instagram in response to someone who claims that my use of auto tune as a vocal effect on “Gone” means that I’ve lost my integrity and that I’m attempting to be a pop star or will collaborate with Lil Wayne. There have been other people that have mentioned similar things. This is a brief response to any accusation that I am attempting to be some kind of pop star. I’d also like to mention that, if you wait and hear the rest of the record, you won’t think that anymore.

this song is no different than any bayside song. Melodically, lyrically or musically. If I released this exact song with heavy guitars, you wouldn’t know the difference. Experimenting with new instruments and sounds on my side project is something I do for fun. Using a synthesizer and a vocal effect does not a pop song make. Using a vocal effect will not put me on the radio. It doesn’t mean that I will collaborate with lil Wayne. Intention is what matters and my decision to record it by myself and release it through an independent label wouldn’t be the best move if radio and pop stardom were my goals. Touring in small clubs with great underground singer songwriters would not be the fast lane to the riches that you see in my future based on my decision to press one button instead of not pressing one button. Using a vocal effect no more equates you to lil Wayne than playing an electric guitar makes you Limp Bizkit. If I haven’t proven by now that I can sing and that I am using auto tune as an effect and not a way to mask a lack of talent, then I never will. This is all besides the point of the yet to be mentioned fact that that is not my voice being auto tuned. That is a guest singer. But hey, I don’t have to explain any of this to you. You clearly know more about music, the music business and about my own intentions than I do.

As I said and have always maintained, my solo project is where I experiment and have a little fun. You don’t have to like it and you don’t have to buy it. If you just want more Bayside, that is fine and there will always be more Bayside and as long as I can experiment somewhere else, Bayside never has to change.”

What do you think? Are Bayside fans right to criticize Raneri’s intentions based on one bit of Auto-Tune? [Spoiler alert: Abso-fucking-lutely not. —no-brainer ed.]