10 things we learned from Knuckle Puck’s Reddit AMA

photo: Ally Newbold

Pop-punk rising stars Knuckle Puck embarked on a lengthy Reddit AMA earlier today, tackling fan questions from the super-serious to the super-not-so-serious. We know Reddit can be a pretty difficult place to navigate sometimes, so we thought we’d whittle it down to the 10 most important nuggets of information we gleaned.

  1. Frontman Joe Taylor’s favorite lyricists include Max Bemis of Say Anything, Shawn Harris of the Matches and Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack.
  2. Taylor’s never had any vocal training, so he relies on warmups given to him by Real Friends frontman Dan Lambton to get ready each night.
  3. The band are planning to release their debut full-length this summer on Rise Records but straight-up refuse to release any details about it.
  4. Well, sort of: While Taylor won’t spill the beans about song or album titles, he does give a little insight into what went into making the album, saying the band “tried to pull influences from bands and music that we like a lot more than in the past.”
  5. The band’s go-to road noms spot is Denny’s. Someone buy this guy a Grand Slamwich next time you see him.
  6. Did you know that KP drummer John Siorek can kick himself in the head? Well, now you do.
  7. Taylor’s best advice he can give to new bands? “Write as many songs as possible… The more you do something, the more you understand it.”
  8. Even though Knuckle Puck is a full-time band, it’s not enough for Taylor—he’s working on music on his own that he describes as “poppy stuff with beats and synth” as well as another project he describes as “kinda chill.”
  9. The band have plans to re-work some of their material acoustically, possibly for a potential acoustic release.
  10. And finally, the most important question Taylor answered all day: Lou Malnati’s is, in fact, the best pizza in Chicago. [100 percent agreed —fat-kid ed.]