Watch the Hotelier prank La Dispute with the help of a 50-year-old man on April Fool’s Day

The Hotelier

Last week, the La Dispute/Title Fight co-headlining tour rolled into the Phoenix Theatre in Toronto on April 1st, better known to everyone the world over as April Fool’s Day. Opening act the Hotelier [pictured] took this opportunity to have a little fun with La Dispute: The bandĀ told La Dispute they were going to perform LD’s fan-favorite track “Such Small Hands” to open the band’s encore as a prank on the crowd. But unbeknownst to La Dispute, the Hotelier put an ad out on Craigslist seeking a new singer to bring the prank back around on Jordan Dreyer & Co. Check out the ad below:

The Hotelier were contacted by local musician Colin Murphy, who fit the bill, and the rest, as they say, is history. Watch video of the prank below, with Murphy introduced as Hotelier frontman Christian Holden’s dad.

And if you want to compare how this version holds up to the original, here you go: