Throwback Thursday: Watch Dashboard Confessional serenade a church in 2000

When news of Dashboard Confessional’s impending return tour with Third Eye Blind came across the Substream news desk a few weeks back, I was supremely stoked: I’ve been a fan of Chris Carrabba’s semi-acoustic project for a solid 15 years, ever since a former bandmate sent me MP3s of his original solo versions of “Screaming Infidelities” and “Again I Go Unnoticed” that later ended up on DC’s debut full-length, The Swiss Army Romance. And while this summer tour is going to be a full-band one, I hope Carrabba gets bitten by the solo bug at some point and decides to strip it down to just himself and an acoustic guitar in more intimate venues. Case in point, this week’s Throwback Thursday: These videos were shot during a DC set at a church in Tallahassee, Florida, when Carrabba opened for Denison Marrs. The YouTuber who uploaded them dates them tentatively from winter 2000; judging by Carrabba’s remarks about The Swiss Army Romance being out and The Drowning EP coming soon at the beginning of “Living In Your Letters,” it would be at some point between November 2000 and February 2001.

What’s most interesting about this clip of “Again I Go Unnoticed” is Carrabba prefaces it by explaining he was recording a split 7-inch with Shai Hulud where each band would cover one another’s songs, and they were planning on covering this one. Sadly, as far as I know, this split 7-inch never came to fruition (but if you have a test press or something, hit a dude up!)

What’s really amazing about these early clips, though, is that even though this is pretty much the very start of Carrabba’s career as a touring musician under the Dashboard banner, people already knew all the words. Watch that girl immediately to his right in these videos: She has the whole thing memorized, and is emoting so damn hard. I wonder if she’s bought her tickets to Dashboard’s summer tour yet?