Throwback Thursday: Watch Circa Survive play some ‘Juturna’ classics before the album even came out

photo: Chris Crisman

While Circa Survive are the kind of act who nowadays can fill 1,000-capacity rooms comfortably with plenty of folks left out in the cold, everyone has to start somewhere, right? And Circa’s start is more interesting than most—the band recorded their debut album, Juturna, before they had ever even played a show. Their first gig, February 10, 2005, wasn’t a hometown show in front of friends and family but instead the first night of a tour with Lucero, of all bands. The below videos were shot roughly six weeks after that first show, while the band were on tour opening for Gatsbys American Dream and Bear Vs Shark. All of the below clips were filmed on March 25, 2005, at Swayze’s in Marietta, Georgia, by Justin Peacock. Frankly, it’s kind of incredible to see just how dialed in this band was even in their first few months of existence, and also how most people in the small audience had no idea how to react. Man, do times change! Juturna would end up being released by Equal Vision just a few weeks after this, on April 19, 2005, and things would never be the same for Anthony Green & Co—but thankfully, we’ll always have grainy YouTube clips. (PS: If any member of Circa is reading this, it would be suuuuuper-rad if you started putting “Handshakes At Sunrise” back in your set. Just sayin’.)