This Is Hardcore Fest organizer on lack of female performers: “This is not an issue we can fix”

Lately, it seems like just about every festival has been receiving criticism about the perceived lack of diversity on their bills, whether it is musical similarities or something significantly more culturally damaging—namely, the presence (or lack thereof) of minorities or women booked to perform at their events. It’s become sort of a sad truth lately that most festivals are dominated by white men, especially those which revolve around rock and its subgenres of punk, metal and hardcore. Long-running Philadelphia festival This Is Hardcore recently received a dose of criticism toward their 2015 lineup, which, as far as this writer can tell, only includes one female performer out of an entire 43-band bill (that woman being Code Orange vocalist/guitarist Reba Meyers). TIHC creator Joe Hardcore took to the fest’s Facebook page with his thoughts on the matter, writing in part:

“We recognize that there is an issue with women being valued and given visibility in the hardcore music scene… We would love to see more bands with women in all aspects of hardcore, but this is not an issue that we can fix alone by putting them on the bill.”

You can read his entire statement below, but a word to the wise: If you anger easily, you might want to avoid the comments on his original post. Normally, I’d try to refrain from editorializing in a news story, but it seems like if there is a dearth of women performing in hardcore currently, then maybe you should make an effort to include what few there are on your festival, that way they can inspire a whole new group of women in the crowd to start their own bands? Just a thought.

This is Hardcore has recently been called out for not having enough women in the bands in this year’s line-up. We…

Posted by This Is Hardcore on Sunday, April 26, 2015