So WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins really, really loves Hit The Lights—watch

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My two favorite things in life are punk rock and professional wrestling. When those two worlds collide, it makes me the happiest man on the planet. It’s why I have an unironic appreciation for WWE Superstar Christian’s theme song recorded by Story Of The Year, it’s why I have more CM Punk merch than I know what to do with, it’s why I watch this video of Paige and Summer Rae lip syncing along to Stick To Your Guns at least once a week and it’s why Seth Rollins is one of my current favorites. The dude is from the same area I went to college, the Quad Cities, and he’s always pushing great music on his fans through Twitter like the Wonder Years and Modern Life Is War. But last night on the WWE Network’s new series Unfiltered With Renee Young, Rollins was asked what his top five bands of all-time are. He only managed to get one out before his breakfast arrived and the conversation switched, but that one was none other than Ohio’s own pop-punk brigade, Hit The Lights. He talks about his favorite HTL record as well as how he obtained their new album, Summer Bones, before it was even released. If you have the WWE Network (and you should, because it rules), you can watch the episode here; if you can’t afford the $9.99 a month, though, you can watch the episode below (the music talk starts at 1:35). Yo, Seth: If you’re reading this, drop a Twitter DM our way and let’s set up an interview, dogg!