So Limbeck’s guitarist is in the new Swiffer commercial and it’s pretty adorable

This writer’s favorite y’allternative band, Limbeck, have been laying low for the past few years, only playing a handful of shows on the West Coast and releasing a 7-inch on SideOneDummy (that has a killer Replacements cover on the B-side, natch). But now we know why they’ve been so dormant: Guitarist/vocalist Patrick Carrie has been cleaning his house. Like, a lot. So much so that he is featured in Swiffer’s new ad campaign pushing the #SwifferDad concept (which is fancy way of saying, “Hey guys, you can do housekeeping too, quit making your significant others do all the work and get off your butts already”). Take a look at Carrie with his unbelievably adorable kids in the 90-second spot below and try not to want to buy a Swiffer when it’s over.

Amazingly, this isn’t the first time Carrie has been in a commercial. Who remembers this Apple spot from 15 years ago featuring Limbeck (as the Garage Monkeys) playing their song “Stop Internet Romance”?