Sick of getting angry at scores on Pitchfork reviews? There’s an app for that.

We’ve all been there: Our favorite underground band finally gets noticed by the tastemakers at Pitchfork, and we can’t wait to click through to the review of their new album to bask in the warmth of knowing people are finally paying attention to good music. Then, shock—your favorite band’s new album gets a 5.2. Or a 3.7. Or even a goddamned 1.3. There is nothing more infuriating than Pitchfork’s seemingly arbitrary ratings system, because even when you might find yourself enjoying the actual writing in the review, your brain is just stuck in rage mode from that stupid, decimal-point-addended number. Well, now for Google Chrome users, there’s a solution: Presenting TogglP4K, a free extension for Google Chrome which blocks the score of reviews on Pitchfork’s website but doesn’t affect the review itself. (Yes, we know an extension is not technically an app, but headline writing is hard, so sue us.) The developer explains:

“This plugin gives the user the flexibility to read reviews on before knowing the numeral score given by pitchfork. Score is hidden on page load and can be revealed by clicking the TogglP4K logo.”

Simple, right? Install this plugin and continue your day knowing you will no longer be infuriated by a random number unless you click on it. (Which, let’s be real, you’re gonna do anyway—because what’s the fun of being on the internet if you’re not mad about something?)