Senses Fail announce new album, release creepy-as-f*ck music video

New Jersey scene lifers Senses Fail have announced the details of their new album. Titled Pull The Thorns From Your Heart, the album will be released June 30 on Pure Noise Records. The album can be pre-ordered here. In addition, the band released a music video for their new song “The Importance Of The Moment Of Death” which is filled with all sorts of creepy-as-f*ck images like a drunken clown, a birthday party with the guest of honor getting assorted weapons as presents, and kids smacking open a piñata and fighting over the raw meat that falls out. Fun! Frontman Buddy Nielsen explains the story behind the song and the video:

“The video while not directly reflecting on the lyrics or the topic of the song, represents the world I had been living in, unsafe, unwelcoming and down right fucked up. It is a mythic representation of how innocence can be forcefully taken away from us as children, leaving us with too much too soon and without the proper coping skills i.e. me! The clown represents an innocence and in this case a lack of innocence, or the mode by which innocence can be lost. The parents represent the guardians, the creators, the ones who oversee our growth from childhood to adulthood and the children, the curious initiates. The clown is actually the one who initiates the cruel and premature journey that the children take from backyard party, to striking out in retaliatory violence. During the party, the children, left unsupervised and to their own devices end up clearly getting into things they shouldn’t and being given gifts (by the parents) they shouldn’t get. When the clown arrives, he offers them a ritualistic party favor in the form of a piñata. The piñata dates back to the celebratory festivals and offerings of the Aztec god Huitzilopochtli. The ritual is celebrated and instead of their being candy, there is meat and blood. The children eat it up and pass out. They are then transformed from their former ignorant and blissful child states, into a new mode, a new interpretation of their surroundings.”