LIVE REVIEW/PHOTO GALLERY: The Devil Wears Prada/Born Of Osiris/The Word Alive/Secrets – Chicago, IL – 4/16/15

photo: Anam Merchant

By the time doors opened for the long-awaited hometown show for Born Of Osiris and final show of this leg of the Devil Wears Prada’s Zombie 5 Tour, a long line had formed around Chicago’s House Of Blues. First up on the bill were Secrets. Secrets have always been fun to watch. A lot of bands kind of just stand there while playing, but Secrets’ energy was very evident onstage—in fact, every band on this lineup emitted the same kind of energy. They began with “The Oath” and pummeled through five other songs before playing “Infinite Escape,” which seemed like the most popular song of their set, as crowd surfers began flooding to the front of the stage to give frontman Aaron Melzer a high five and the floor of the House Of Blues began to shake. They ended their set with “Live Together, Die Alone.”

The Word Alive were up next, and I was excited. I’d seen them on Warped Tour last summer and they were incredible. They opened with “Dragon Spell” off 2012’s Life Cycles and delved deeper into their discography with “2012” off of 2010’s Deceiver. Next was a song titled “Playing The Victim” off of their newest release, REAL. They ended their short, seven-song set with the title track off of Life Cycles. The Word Alive’s performance exceeded my expectations.

Next up were Born Of Osiris, a band from the northern suburbs of Chicago. It’s always really cool to see a band perform hometown shows because it seems like such a completely different atmosphere. The band opened with “Divergency,” during which I immediately became mesmerized by bassist David Darocha’s stage presence. Born Of Osiris’ set was much more intense than I had expected it to be, with many more crowd surfers than I had seen all night.

Finally, around 8:20 p.m., the Devil Wears Prada came onstage with only their logo lit up onstage and all other lights turned off. The lights flooded on to reveal the band and frontman Mike Hranica, running across the stage with a guitar for “Assistant To The Regional Manager.” The band played a 13-song set, featuring the entire Zombie EP, ending with “Hey John, What’s Your Name Again?” and coming back for the encore with “Born To Lose” and “Danger: Wildman.”