LIVE REVIEW: Matt And Kim/Waters – Columbus, OH – 4/16/15

Matt And Kim

Matt and Kim don’t play shows, they host parties. Coming to the venue fully equipped with party favors, more energy than a gang of Energizer bunnies, rap and hip-hop intro samples, a drum kit and a keyboard, the duo blew the roof off the LC Pavillion in Columbus, Ohio, on April 16.

The opening band, Waters, were a perfect example of what Matt calls, “a band Matt And Kim fans will love.” The San Francisco five-piece are a guitar-heavy folk band with charisma. Their flower-encrusted instruments shook as the band slammed notes so solidly, it was impossible to ignore their vigor (not that you would want to).

As soon as Matt And Kim sat down side by side, it was apparent they were ready to show Columbus they meant business. It’s almost no wonder they don’t have a full band; they have the chutzpah between the two of them for three bands. Starting the night off with “Overexposed” and “Tonight” from their 2012 album, Lightning, it was a slow segway into performing New Glow. Yet, the couple led every song with a rap, dance or hip-hop sample accompanied by outrageous dance moves and sweat. The entire crowd followed suit, never missing a beat. As soon as the band played “Make A Mess” off their new album, New Glow, the real party started.

Before “Hoodie On,” Kim left her station for the tenth time to pass out balloons to the crowd as Matt blasted confetti shooters into the crowd. A group of people in the audience even brought bags of glitter that will be stuck to everyone for the next couple of years, but what else do you expect when you’re at a party like this? The band’s playful attitude is infectious. Playing covers (and just dancing to longer samples) like DMX’s “Party Up,” R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix),” Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It” and an acoustic version of Biz Markie’s “Just A Friend,” the couple made out to be the best DJs too.

Vibing the beats so much so that Kim took a break from drumming to break it down for the audience is just another day in the life of Matt And Kim. The two’s chemistry is monstrous as they fed off each other’s energy and made the crowd keep up. As the night progressed, so did the antics. Steadily drinking beers along with the crowd, the duo decided to up the ante by bringing a tarp out to create an impromptu dance tent. While Matt said it hadn’t worked in the past, it didn’t seem to bother Columbus.

Playing their hits off Sidewalks, Grand and Lightning in addition to most of New Glow, the entire crowd left sweaty, worn and stoked to have gone to such a rad party. This is the kind of show that gives other bands a run for their money. If you’ve never gone to a Matt And Kim show, get yourself a ticket because you will be missing out, and who wants to do that?