INTERVIEW: “This is something out of our element”—Michael Bohn of Issues discusses the Future Hearts Tour

Issues are currently out on the Future Hearts Tour along with All Time Low, Tonight Alive and State Champs. This tour is a little out of the ordinary when comparing Issues to the rest of the acts on this run. Substream spoke with vocalist Michael Bohn about the challenges they might face on this run.

Considering Issues are the heaviest band on the roster, the Future Hearts Tour will be a bit different from what you’ve done before. Can you talk about that?
We were on our headliner tour when we got the offer. At first we were really stoked on it and we still are. The first reaction wasn’t, “Oh, well, we don’t know… are we going to fit in?” The first reaction was, “This is going to be great!” We immediately knew this would be an amazing tour to be a part of. The only other band we knew at the time that would also be an opener were Tonight Alive. We had heard that All Time Low were still looking for another opener, and we had just jumped off of the Warped Tour with State Champs. They are a great group of guys, and Derek is a great singer. I had mentioned to [ATL guitarist] Jack Barakat if there is any chance that I could make a recommendation, please take out State Champs. I told him they will not disappoint. Now ATL are taking them out for the Future Hearts Tour, so that is pretty cool. The lineup is really solid, while it is something out of our element, it is just what we want.

Once the announcement came out, we realized a ton of our fans are also ATL fans. I haven’t seen anything negative about the tour yet. Nothing but positive comments out there. We are so excited for this tour. It’s out of element, and we can’t wait. We looked at the routing of this tour, and a ton of cities and venues we haven’t played before. That will just make this an even greater experience for us.

Since Ty Acord will no longer be touring with Issues, can you explain how the live show will be transitioning?
Long story short: Ty gave us a call one day and he said he had thought about not heading out with us. He does a lot of producing on the side and that’s how we actually met Ty in the beginning. He has always been a producer and loves making beats, and that is where he feels most at home. It is hard for him to focus with writing when he is out on the road. There are so many distractions, and it makes its difficult. Writing and producing is what he loves to do, and it is what he is passionate about. He will be and still is very much a part of the band. He is writing our new album with us and he will be on that. As for the live show, we are already thinking about the transitioning of the show. We have some really cool ideas for this tour. We will have a completely new stage setup than ever before. It sucks losing him on the road, but he is still very much a part of Issues. He brings a lot to the table for us.


What artists/songs will you be listening to while out on the road?
It varies, I am always listening to new music. Every Monday night, I go on iTunes and see who released a new album. I probably listen to a lot of things people don’t expect. Once I find a really good album, I stick with that for a while. I’ve been playing the new Ed Sheeran album since it came out. I’m a big Chris Brown fan, too. I think he’s a great artist and writes amazing songs. I love listening to State Champs. I’m stoked for the new twenty one pilots album, and I’m excited for that to come out this summer.

What else lies ahead for Issues in 2015?
We have the summer off from touring and will be spending that time to finish up and polish our new album.

When will we be able to hear new music?
We are hoping for a release late fall!