Former Four Year Strong keyboardist accuses band of writing “sh*tty radio-pop” and “groveling to fans”

Earlier today, Massachusetts popcore quartet Four Year Strong revealed the cover art and tracklisting for their new, self-titled full-length, out June 2 on Pure Noise. Many longtime fans know FYS used to be a popcore quintet, including keyboardist Josh Lyford. Lyford was kicked out of the band in 2011 before the completion of their third album, In Some Way, Shape Or Form, an album that divided FYS’s fanbase due to its more radio-friendly, less overtly pop-punk sound. While Lyford has gone on to front a pretty rad hardcore band called Foxfires, apparently he still hasn’t forgotten about his removal from FYS, as evidenced in this tweet from earlier today:

Lyford’s remarks ruffled a few Twitter users’ feathers, to which he responded:

There has been no public response from any member of Four Year Strong as of yet.