EXCLUSIVE: Runaway Kids pine for “Better Days” in their speedy, pit-starting new lyric video

You might know Los Angeles quartet Runaway Kids by their previous name, Betrayal, but the band decided to change their name to match their new sound, a speedy mixture of classic EpiFat skatepunk with hardcore breakdowns right off of your favorite Bane album. Check out the title track to the band’s upcoming Better Days EP, which features some pretty emotional lyrics from vocalist Gage Armstrong. He explains:

“‘Better Days’ started as a letter I was writing to my mom, letting her know how she had affected my life with the poor decisions that she decided to make for hers. Then when Sean and I decided it was time to go into the studio it was the only thing I could think of to put on our first song. As if I was finally getting what I needed to say off of my chest.”

Better Days will be out June 23 on Mediaskare and can be pre-ordered here.