EXCLUSIVE: Go on a video tour of Brooklyn’s best pizza joints with brutality merchants Meek Is Murder

photo: Dean Chooch Landry

For a band that includes current and ex-members of such heavy-music luminaries as the Red Chord and Enabler, it’s no surprise that Meek Is Murder are, well, brutal as f*ck. But what is slightly more surprising is the Brooklyn, New York, trio’s obsession with pizza. The band are so obsessed, in fact, that they took us on a tour of their favorite pizza places in the borough, from some well-regarded classics to some holes in the wall that even the most knowledgeable pizza connoisseur might not know about. Bassist Sam Brodsky comments:

“This band is basically held together by pizza. We’re constantly monitoring each other’s pizza levels to make sure they’re healthy. It’s as much a supportive pizza collective as it is a grind band.”

Meek Is Murder’s new album, the double EP Onward/Into The Sun, comes out May 5 on Rising Pulse Records and can be pre-ordered here. No word yet on if it comes with a free slice, but there’s always hope.