EXCLUSIVE: Emery’s “Hard Times” is a melodic, screamy pop jam

Post-hardcore lifers Emery are rolling out their new album, You Were Never Alone, in a very unique way: Each week on their Break It Down Podcast, they’re debuting a new song as well as, well, breaking it down—listeners get insight into the inspiration behind and creation of each song, from the music to the lyrics to everything else under the sun. We are honored to be premiering Emery’s new song “Hard Times” via episode three of Break It Down. It’s a super-catchy pop jam that doesn’t neglect the screamier side of Emery so many fans adore. You can hear the entire podcast below (if you’re only looking for the song itself, jump forward to 42:35). To make sure you never miss a new episode of Break It Down, subscribe on iTunesYou Were Never Alone comes out May 19 via BC Music and can be pre-ordered here soon.