EXCLUSIVE: Dance Gavin Dance crank up the prog and the pop on “Eagle Vs. Crows”

The great thing about Dance Gavin Dance is that despite their fair share of lineup turmoil throughout the years, the band never falter musically. Their new album, Instant Gratification, is just the latest in a long line of innovative, progressive records that have no issue being both aggressive as hell and catchy as shit while also throwing in a few sonic curveballs—take their new song “Eagle Vs. Crows,” for example. Guitarist Will Swan explains the intentions behind this screamy prog-pop number:

“I went to the 2014 FYF Festival in LA and was inspired to write a song that incorporated the funk of bands like Blood Orange and Connan Mockasin into the DGD sound. I’m always trying to expand my repertoire as a songwriter and seeing so many great performances made me want to explore a new direction.”

Instant Gratification comes out April 14 via Rise Records; you can pre-order it digitally and physically now.