EXCLUSIVE: Broadside sing with the birds in “Storyteller” acoustic video

photo: Hannah Verbeuren

On their debut full-length, Old Bones, Virginia quintet Broadside deliver slab after slab of high-energy, amped-up pop-punk that will make you jump along. But what good is a pop-punk song unless it can be stripped down to its base level and still succeed? With that in mind, we present this exclusive acoustic video of “Storyteller” (the electric version of which can be found on Old Bones), complete with chirping birds. Frontman Ollie Baxxter explains the story behind the song:

“‘Storyteller’ to me is about how often in relationships we give so much of ourselves through the length of being together that your identity can get swallowed up, and you’ll lose yourself. In the chorus, ‘I’m not a liar, maybe a storyteller. But when I promised you the world, I was just trying to make it better,’ reflecting on how I believe you are at your best with your own personal charm and attention to the other person’s needs at the beginning/heart of a relationship. Comfort is a soul sucking force and at the end of it all, you may find yourself out of shape, broke, or even confused as to what the fuck you’ve allowed yourself to become.”

Old Bones comes out May 18 on Victory Records and can be pre-ordered here.