EXCLUSIVE: Aspire expertly fuse together hip-hop and pop-punk on the anthemic “Atlantic”

Pardon the pun, but it’s clear that Toronto quintet Aspire, well, aspire to be something more than just your average pop-punk band. Sure, they incorporate hip-hop elements into their music but it’s not a bad rap-rock gimmick; gang vocals, tight riffs and plenty of positivity in lyrics keeps their sound fresh and their perspective unique. For proof, check out “Atlantic,” taken from their new EP, Make Your Move. Vocalist Jordan Barker comments:

“‘Atlantic’ is about allowing yourself to transition to that next chapter in life, whether it be toward a new career, or goal which at times will require you to move on from things, and people you’ve known in one spot for a while. Sometimes it’s better to ‘Make Your Move’ and let go, rather than repeat the same chapter over and over.”

Make Your Move comes out tomorrow, April 7; you can pre-order it here.