Watch footage from Blink-182 with Matt Skiba’s first-ever show

We’ll keep the setup short, because we know why you’re all here: to see if Alkaline Trio majordomo Matt Skiba can pull off a convincing Tom DeLonge impression—or better yet, to see if he made the catalog of Blink-182 his own. (Watch the “Going Away To College” video to see if he has the stage banter down.) Check out these live videos shot at an intimate show at the Roxy in Los Angeles just a few short hours ago and tell us what you think!

By the way, this shirt was available at Blink’s merch table:

And here was the official Roxy setlist:

Feeling This
What’s My Age Again?
The Rock Show
Up All Night
Going Away to College
I Miss You
Happy Holidays, You Bastard
Wendy Clear
Don’t Leave Me
Easy Target
First Date
Heart’s All Gone
Dysentery Gary
Skulls (Misfits cover)
All the Small Things
Man Overboard
Reckless Abandon

Family Reunion