Wanna buy Kurt Cobain’s childhood home? It’ll only set you back $400,000

Y’all remember Kurt Cobain, right? He wrote a few records in ’90s with a band called Nirvana. They were kind of popular for a few years, sort of a one-hit wonder situation. Well, if you’re a fan of his (we personally don’t know anyone who is, but maybe these folks are out there somewhere—there’s always someone trying to jock obscure musicians from the ’90s) and you have a lot of disposable income lying around, have we got the deal for you: You can now buy Kurt Cobain’s childhood home for the low, low price of only $400,000. The property description, courtesy of Aberdeen Realty:

“The Childhood Home Of Kurt Cobain Is Being Offered For Sale. There Are A Number Of Exciting Possibilities For This Unique Property, Including Moving The Building And Incorporating It Into A Larger Institution Or Private Collection. This Is A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Own A Piece Of Rock History.”

The four-bedroom, one-bath, one-potential-spirit-of-a-dead-rockstar house was built in 1923 in Aberdeen, Washington, and was lived in by Cobain until he was nine years old, and again between the ages of 16 and 20. He even punched a hole in one of the walls, as seen below:


According to Reuters, much of the furniture is from the time period Cobain lived there, including the dining room table. (I wonder if his mom would make him wash up before dinner or just tell him to come as he was?)


This actually isn’t the first time the house has been listed: It was originally on the market in 2013 for a $500,000 asking price, so this is practically a steal.