Throwback Thursday: Watch Taking Back Sunday rip through some now-classics in 2001

Taking Back Sunday are currently on a massive U.S. tour alongside the Menzingers and letlive., and to get stoked about the Cleveland stop I’ll be attending next week, I went digging for old TBS footage—and man, did I strike gold. Behold, two songs from a TBS set at the Hawk’s Nest on the University of Hartford campus in Hartford, Connecticut—and according to the internet, the show in question was on January 26, 2001, aka more than a year before Victory Records released their now-classic debut Tell All Your Friends. In fact, given that TAYF was recorded in December 2001, this show was nearly a year before TBS even entered the studio. Take a look at a band whose lineup is the same as it is now, but whose members are much, much younger (and in some cases skinnier and dorkier) playing vintage cuts “You Know How I Do” and “Bike Scene” below.

Thanks go out to YouTuber David Apuzzo who not only booked this show but had the foresight to film it. Now how about uploading the rest of the set, David?

You can read new interviews with both Taking Back Sunday and letlive. in Substream #44, available in stores and online right now!