The end is near: Nickelback just released a disco song

Oh, Nickelback: Yeah, you’re super-duper popular with mouth-breathing mooks the world over, but you have to know that, like, a billion people despise you, right? So if you’re gonna release a straight-up disco song, it better be the best goddamn disco song of all time. “She Keeps Me Up,” Nickelback’s latest affront on good taste, is most assuredly not the best goddamn disco song of all time. However, it does feature one of the worst chorus lyrics I’ve ever heard: “Funky little monkey, she’s a twisted trickster/Everybody wants to be the sister’s mister/Coca-Cola roller-coaster/Love her even though I’m not supposed to.” Shakespeare it ain’t. Watch at your own risk, folks.

It’s not entirely Nickelback’s fault, though: To quote the Computers, “Disco sucks!” But if I’m gonna sit through any rock band playing a novelty disco song, you’re damn right it’s gonna be this one: