Someone made a 10-hour loop of Tom DeLonge’s verse from Blink-182’s “I Miss You” and it’s kinda great

Man, the power of Twitter is really something. As the majority of the world debated blue-and-black dress vs. white-and-gold dress the other night, comedian and star of Comedy Central’s Nathan For You Nathan Fielder innocently tweeted the following:

Smash cut to this morning, when YouTuber Jonathon Herroon uploaded this:

If you’re too afraid to press “play,” that’s exactly what you think it is: 10 straight hours of Tom DeLonge’s verse and chorus from Blink-182’s “I Miss You,” on a seemingly endless loop. It starts off kinda funny, then gets soothing around the seventh or eighth time through. Maybe we’ll put it on tonight as we go to sleep and have all sorts of crazy dreams that we’re in space and traveling through time and stuff. Wait! Angels & Airwaves makes so much more sense now…

(h/t The AV Club)