LIVE REVIEW: In This Moment Manchester, UK – 3/3/15

Photos and Review Contributed By: Kelly Hamilton

In the world of rock music, there is no shortage of bands that stand stagnant at their posts, serenade their crowd of dedicated fans and leave after a lackluster encore in which fans are left a little unsatisfied. Luckily, In This Moment are not one of those bands.


In This Moment have come far in their ten year career as a metal band, the five piece have shown real progression and done what they wanted to as far as musical direction goes. The best part is their creativity which shows no limits, they create strong dark visuals to their songs, mostly coming from the creative mind of singer Maria Brink and anyone has to wonder how that is to translate in their live shows. The answer? Impeccably.


Before the first song ‘The Infection’ has even passed its intro, two dancers take to the stage – prowling around as if hunting for prey, expressionless, dark and mysterious. It’s captivating from the get go, before any member of the five piece has taken to the stage but when they do, you know you’re in for a real treat. On the main podium in the middle of the stage is Maria Brink, drawing all eyes to her and the skilled dancers she seems to be magically controlling with a wave of her hands.


Two members are unfortunately lost in the cloud of smoke cascading over the stage, though guitarists Chris Howarth and Randy Weitzel are standing in the clear synchronizing their head banging skills at either side of the podium. If you are to look their way, they play toward you made funny gestures with their faces and for a moment seem softer than their heavy face paint makes them appear to be.

In This Moment power through some of their most recent known tracks such as ‘Sick Like Me’ and ‘Adrenalize’, sexual connotations coming through in the way Maria and her dancers move over the stage rolling their bodies beautifully around the podium. There are props galore for the likes of ‘Sex Metal Barbie’, in which Brink stands high above everyone at a bright pink lightbox, donned in a glittering tiara. Or ‘Whore’ which is simple but the power in the ‘dunce cap’ labelled whore speaks volumes.

But perhaps one of the highlights is the tear-jerking performance of ‘Into The Light’. A simple set up of Maria alone in the middle of he stage, able to show her vocal range for one of the most heart wrenching performances about loss. It’s a world apart from the fierce theatricality in the songs performed prior.

Closing the set is an encore of ‘Blood’. The performance is somewhat milder than the others, allowing fans to take over and their voices seem to bellow over Brink’s filling Academy 2. The ending is bittersweet, it’s clear nobody wants it to end. In This Moment’s entertainment factor is incredible. Even after all are stood together, expressing their gratitude and saying their goodbyes, the crowd are left wanting so much more. Not because they’re supposed to but because they genuinely want it. If you’re ever given the chance to see them, In This Moment are certainly the kind of band you don’t want to miss.