Lions Lions explore their lighter side on ‘Changing The Definition’

Boston’s Lions Lions are back with their new EP, Changing The Definition, but this time with a new lineup and as a fully independent band.

The six-song release demonstrates a lighter side to the band, but still keeps that energetic side Lions Lions are known for. The EP’s opening track, “Morning Lights,” is the perfect starting vibe to the release demonstrating a specific sound that showcases what can be expected throughout the rest of the EP. The track leads straight into the EP’s single, “Hear Me Out.” The track is the poppiest song to date for the band as Joshua Herzer sings the catchy chorus, “I wish that you would just listen now through this stereo/I hope that you would just hear me out through this stereo.” The song still keeps the atmospheric sound, but it is overpowered by Herzer’s vocal ability and creates a sense of new direction for the band in future releases. While it’s a change for the band, it feels like the song is out of place on this release. Still, it’s a brave move toward slowly evolving their initial sound.

“Standards” features Garret Rapp from the Color Morale with guest vocals and plenty of screams at the end. The song is the heaviest on the EP and goes straight back to Lions Lions’ roots. The same can be said with the final track, “Over With,” which features Fredua Boakye from Bad Rabbits. The song starts with the same heavy breakdowns leftover after “Standards.”

While Changing The Definition is a new step for this post-hardcore band, it serves as an important moment for Lions Lions as far as developing more into their permanent sound—and it gives people something to look forward to for their next full-length.