INTERVIEW: Tonight Alive talk new album, Future Hearts tour—and the Backstreet Boys?

photo: Kane Hibberd

Australian pop-punk band Tonight Alive are set to tour the United States this Spring as part of the Future Hearts Tour, alongside State Champs, Issues and headliners All Time Low. This will be TA’s final tour in support of The Other Side; in fact, they are just about to start work on their third LP. Substream had the chance to talk with guitarist/vocalist Whakaio Taahi all about their plans for 2015.

SUBSTREAM: Can you talk about what you are looking forward to on the Future Hearts Tour?
WHAKAIO TAAHI: We are really excited to get back to the U.S. especially on an All Time Low tour. They are one of the nicest bands we have toured with, and the shows are always something to look forward to. We just started playing a new drinking game called Rage Cage. It get’s really wild, and I’m scared to play again. Hopefully we can bring it out on tour.

Is there a song in particular you are looking forward to play while on this tour?
That would be giving away the surprise, wouldn’t it? [Laughs.]

Will you be playing any new music?
Maybe! Hopefully we will be ready to debut a new song which I think we are all excited about.

What is your favorite piece of gear and why?
DD20 Boss Delay Pedal. It’s such a versatile pedal for whatever I need to achieve.

What about your favorite thing to do while traveling when you aren’t performing?
Sleeping. Kidding! We love getting out in the city and exploring, especially if we haven’t been to the city before.

What is your go-to music to listen to when on tour?
We always put on the 1975 after we play because the album creates such a great vibe. Other than that, we all listen to such different music—maybe Backstreet Boys if the mood is right?

What can you tell us about your upcoming third album?
We have been writing pretty much every day to try to finish the album. In our opinion we are hoping it’s going to be our best to date and we are really looking forward to start recording in mid-March.

What else lies ahead for Tonight Alive in 2015?
We travel over to the U.S.  to start the new record which is taking all our concentration right now. We play the All Time Low tour in the middle of the process and then get back to the studio after. We haven’t booked anything after that because we want to focus completely on getting the best album we can.