EXCLUSIVE: “This song will be dedicated to everything that you hate”—in the studio with noise-rockers My America

photo: Ross Thomas

Brooklyn-based noise-rock trio My America (formerly known as My America Is Watching Tigers Die) are finishing up work on their eagerly anticipated new album, Misses, with producer Kevin Bernsten (Full of Hell, Magrudergrind). After we pestered them long enough, the band agreed to open up their doors for us and provide an exclusive look at the making of the album. Vocalist/guitarist Matt Turner talks about the creation of Misses:

“After playing music together for over 10 years I feel like we finally have something that’s truly representative of us. Something that captures our live sound – all of that energy but with a certain clarity. When we downsized to a 3-piece and I took over vocals in 2008, we toured a lot following that but had no real document of that progression other than an album we had recorded ourselves. So since then there has been a lot of fine tuning and writing songs that suited our new formation and not just playing songs someone else wrote or songs where I was focused solely on playing guitar. This is definitely the record I’ve wanted us to release for a long time.”