EXCLUSIVE: Cody Payne (ex-the Dangerous Summer) denies being arrested for burglary

A few weeks ago, we were alerted to a developing story out of Austin, Texas, regarding Cody Payne, former guitarist for the Dangerous Summer and current frontman of Floodlove, being arrested for burglary. Since then, we’ve told the victim’s side of the story, and now we can finally bring you Payne’s comments on the matter. When we first emailed Payne for comment nearly two weeks ago, he responded on March 6 with the following:



We then wrote back and sent him the mugshot sent to us by the Austin Police Department and asked him to confirm or deny whether it in fact was him, as well as the official APD report that identifies Payne as the arrestee in this case and asked him if the report was incorrect or had been falsified. He went silent, until the following email appeared in our inbox on March 17:
While Payne claims four of the five charges have been dropped, a look at the Travis County Courts records indicates he still has multiple court dates on the horizon for five separate charges:
We will bring you more information on this story as it develops.