Cory Branan premieres 3-D video for “You Make Me”

photo: Drew Gurian.

Nashville alt-country artist Cory Branan has released a music video for “You Make Me” at Rolling Stone. The song appears on The No-Hit Wonder, which was released last year on Bloodshot Records. View the video below.

“You Make Me” puts a spin on the typical tour compilation video, as it’s mostly 3-D.

“We were going for an old ViewMaster look — green-screening me into crappy fake sets and changing backgrounds — when [director Perry Bean] realized we could do something different with 3-D,” Branan told Rolling Stone. “Since each shot was multi-layered, we could add 3-D to back- and foreground stuff and leave the middle unaffected. Voila! A 3-D video that you can watch without glasses, if you’re into that sort of thing.”

Bloodshot Records will nonetheless produce promotional 3-D glasses, which they’ll distribute at Branan’s upcoming shows and through online orders for The No-Hit Wonder.

Branan is currently on tour with Jenny Owen Youngs and Tim Barry. See a list of dates here.