Badflower premiere “Soap” video

Photo by Madie Ramser.

Los Angeles rock and roll band Badflower have premiered their music video for new single “Soap” at Loudwire. The song is available as a single at iTunes, and the music video can be streamed below.

Vocalist Josh Katz explained that “Soap” is a response to a filmed experiment documenting the prevalence of catcalling.

“I thought it was interesting how something so insulting could be socially acceptable,” said Katz. “The song is an oversimplification of the culture of male dominance and disrespectful behavior. I wrote the song from the perspective of that type of character. I enjoy writing about bizarre human tendencies, especially ones I don’t agree with or understand.”

Badflower, who are recent additions to the label Hundred Handed, are currently at work on their debut EP. They’ll appear at the South by So What festival in Grand Prairie, Texas March 20.