10 things we learned from Sleeping With Sirens’ Reddit AMA

photo: Grizzlee Martin

Post-hardcore popsters Sleeping With Sirens embarked on a lengthy Reddit AMA earlier this week, tackling fan questions from the super-serious to the super-not-so-serious. We know Reddit can be a pretty difficult place to navigate sometimes, so we thought we’d whittle it down to the 10 most important nuggets of information we gleaned.

  1. There’s a chance some of the songs from the band’s scrapped album may come out in the future, thanks to Mike Fuentes’ endorsement.
  2. Frontman Kellin Quinn admits the band uses tracks live.
  3. Looking for a band to play your basement? Sleeping With Sirens might be into it.
  4. Quinn named his daughter Copeland in tribute to that band’s frontman, Aaron Marsh.
  5. Guitarist Nick Martin wasn’t so lucky with the ladies in high school.
  6. Martin’s favorite song on Madness is the title track.
  7. Quinn loves SWS fans, but says, “If we were to write albums thinking only of our fans, we wouldn’t be making honest music.”
  8. Martin’s mother is a survivor of breast cancer. Big ups to Mrs. Martin!
  9. Martin’s go-to shower song is anything by Stevie Wonder.
  10. Whatever you do at a SWS VIP meet-and-greet, don’t dress up as a clown, because Nick Martin will probably run away scared.

Pick up their new album Madness available here!