Throwback Thursday: Watch Glassjaw totally slay Warped Tour in 2003

One of the biggest travesties in music is that Glassjaw isn’t the hugest band in the world, nor have they ever recorded a proper full-length follow-up to 2002’s absolutely flawless Worship And Tribute. (Yes, we have the Coloring Book and Our Color Green EPs but it’s just not the same, maaaan.) Thankfully, we have the internets to remind us just how killer GJ were in that five-piece incarnation with Daryl Palumbo on vocals, Todd Weinstock and Justin Beck on guitar, Dave Allen on bass and Larry Gorman on drums. The band was one of the brightest stars on the 2003 Warped Tour lineup, as this video of “Ape Dos Mil” uploaded just a few hours ago proves.

The YouTuber in question, Emma Van Duyts, uploaded two more videos from the same set more than half-decade ago, so you may have already seen these, but I’ll be damned if they’re not just as killer: