Set Your Goals singer blasts former label: “We never got a dime”

Things have been quiet in the Set Your Goals camp lately, with the exception of co-frontman Matt Wilson starting a new band called Chains. Then, a few weeks ago, he tweeted the following:

Wilson wasn’t exactly mincing words, but still, Lambgoat reached out to Wilson to get more of the story. Below are some of the choicest segments, but you should really read the whole thing:

On Pete Wentz wanting to sign SYG to Decaydance:

Pete Wentz had gotten in touch with Jordan and expressed interest in signing SYG to his label Decaydance, and brought us all on Fall Out Boy’s bus when they came through town to pitch the idea. During their set that night, Jordan stage dove and knocked a monitor off the stage, which ended up being billed to Fall Out Boy. Their tour manager cornered Jordan backstage demanding payment, but we were all total broke asses at the time and Jordan couldn’t afford to pay him. I think the monitor was $400.

After that night Pete never returned any emails, and ended up signing Four Year Strong instead. We never got an answer from Pete as to why, but we were told from a reliable source later on that it was because of the monitor.”

On never receiving royalties from their former label, Eulogy Recordings:

“John just didn’t pay us our mechanicals, and we couldn’t afford to audit him. I remember when we requested an accounting statement from the label, once we finally got one it was laughable. All of the numbers were fabricated and the costs were inflated. I wish I still had the statement… Eulogy was also contracted to pay us around $1 per [merch] item sold, which we never got a dime of either, because they were still supposedly ‘recouping.'”

On the rumors of having their Eulogy contract being bought out for $100,000:

“John wanted an astronomical amount of money to let us go, but if we stayed we were doomed. Keith (our manager) got in contact with Epitaph Records, who were interested in buying out the remainder of our contract. That pretty much bailed us out of our situation. The amount exceeded $100K, a portion of which was paid up-front, and the rest was to be recouped through sales of our second full-length.”

On the future of Set Your Goals:

“Last time I talked to everyone about the band we all seemed receptive to the idea of playing shows again when it makes sense. 2016 marks ten years since the release of Mutiny! so maybe we’ll play some shows then? Our band has always sort of flown by the seat of our pants, so it’s hard to say this far in advance, but we’ve all agreed it’s best to leave the door open.”