REVIEW: Pryti – ‘Tales of a Melancholic’

Birmingham, UK’s Pryti has written the most crucial break up album of the decade. Perfect for sobbing into a tub of Ben & Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie ice cream after getting dumped, Tales Of a Melancholic is basically the morbidly depressed version of any Taylor Swift CD. Featuring a slow grungy sound, disheartened lyrics, and the occasional heavy riff, Pryti’s debut full-length comes from a truly honest place and is not music for the faint of heart.

Moody guitar work reminiscent of The Deftones in the single “Insomnia” paired with Pryti’s powerhouse vocals really tug at the heartstrings from the start. “The Pessimist,” “Bitter Pill” and “Abyss” follow in the same vein, and half way through the album you’ll be transported back to a time you felt utterly alone. Although you may also find yourself utterly bored because there is little variation in tempo or lyrical theme throughout, causing many of the songs to end up sounding indistinguishable.

Luckily, the track “Angst” spices things up with fast-paced, metal inspired grooves. You can tell she wrote this song at the “anger stage” of her undeniably awful break up that is no doubt the muse behind this gloomy debut.

If Pryti will do anything, she will make you feel something, whether it be sadness or boredom. From the ashes of pure pain, Tales of a Melancholic rises as a candid piece of artwork, that although is not for everyone, will definitely help a lot of people going through hardship and heartache. It’s about time someone took over Alanis Morissette’s throne as the queen of alt-rock angst.