REVIEW: Make Do And Mend – “Don’t Be Long”

When New England natives Make Do And Mend announced in December that they would soon be releasing their third full length album it was met with much excitement. Title track “Don’t Be Long” was streamed via their YouTube channel and offered the first taste of what this album has in store.

Tracks “Ever Since” and “Bluff” open with energy, the latter feeling particularly super charged. James Carroll’s gritty vocals seamlessly melds into the instrumentation creating an atmosphere unlike what punk rock usually lends itself to. To this point the album has been very high energy but in such a way that even those who do not frequently listen to this style of music can find themselves comfortably wrapped into the melodies of tracks like “Old Circles.”

The highlight of this album comes in the form of tracks “Sin Miedo” and “Sin Amor;” Spanish for fearless and loveless, respectively. Capturing the essence of the album through extraordinary instrumentation and riffs unparalleled by their peers, these twin songs effectively set this record on fire. With James Carroll belting lines like “you don’t know when it went out/there’s no fire in you now” nestled within the power-chord-filled chorus of Sin Amor it’s easy to get into the rhythm of these songs.

Don’t Be Long changes gears with the acoustic styling’s of “I Don’t Wonder At All,” painting Carroll’s powerful voice in a much cooler tone for the first time. There are moments when the gritty quality shines through, as in the chorus where he belts out “you’re overwhelmed by the weight of what you wanted now”. But overall this transition, though sudden, was a very refreshing change of pace.

Make Do And Mend close this album on a strong note with “Begging For The Sun To Go Down.” An emotionally driven, soft song that encapsulates the overall character and atmosphere of the record. All in all, Don’t Be Long is a masterfully crafted album, through which fans can experience the bands evolution from their previous album Everything You Ever Loved.

Don’t Be Long is slated for release on February 24th via Rise Records.