Hardcore supergroup Sweet Jesus (mbrs. of Have Heart, Verse, Soul Control) to release debut album

The term “supergroup” gets thrown around a lot with bands that don’t really deserve it, but there’s really no other way to accurately describe Sweet Jesus. Fronted by former Have Heart vocalist Pat Flynn and fleshed out with a band that includes Soul Control guitarist Jim Connolly and Have Heart/Verse drummer Shawn Costa, Sweet Jesus are hardcore’s version of, like, the Traveling Wilburys or something, only with a lot more pit action. The band are releasing their J. Robbins-produced debut full-length, You Destroy Yourself, on March 15 via Atomic Action Records; sample their new song “Bedsick” here.

Sweet Jesus cover art

You Destroy Yourself Track List:
1. Time For Grace
2. The Light of Sun
3. Same Man
4. Bedsides
5. Sorry Things
6. Stonefaced
7. Even Breathing
8. Bedsick
9. You Destroy Yourself
10. Goliath