Afroman—yes, that Afroman—knocks a woman out mid-guitar solo, is arrested

There is a video starting to make the blog rounds this morning of Joseph Edgar Foreman, aka Afroman, taking a swing at a woman who got onstage during a free concert in Biloxi, Mississippi, and began dancing with him in the middle of a guitar solo. Foreman was arrested for assault but has since been released on $330 bond. He claimed he was unaware as to if it was a man or a woman, but that he instinctively reacted to someone invading his stage. You can see video of the incident below, but trigger warning: It very vividly depicts a woman being punched in the face.

Afroman is best known for his early-millennium hit “Because I Got High,” probably being played inside a frat house near you right now.

So what do you think, Substreamers? Do musicians have the right to attack audience members who get onstage without permission, or was this over the line?