’90s gamers rejoice: ‘ToeJam & Earl’ is coming back

If you owned a Sega Genesis in the ’90s, obviously you were obsessed with ToeJam & Earl, as it was truly one of the weirdest and best video games of the era. The series spawned a few sequels, the last of which was released for Xbox in 2002, but the franchise has been quiet since then. Until now: A Kickstarter was just launched by series co-creator Greg Johnson of Humanature Studios to raise funds to complete ToeJam & Earl: Back In The Groove for PC. He’s looking for $400,000 to get the game from his brain to your computer, and while that might seem like a lot, the Kickstarter has currently raised more than $117,000 at press time—with 29 days to go. Seems promising! Watch Johnson’s Kickstarter pitch video below.