10 things we learned from Stick To Your Guns’ Reddit AMA

Hardcore hellions Stick To Your Guns embarked on a lengthy Reddit AMA yesterday, tackling fan questions from the super-serious to the super-not-so-serious. We know Reddit can be a pretty difficult place to navigate sometimes, so we thought we’d whittle it down to the 10 most important nuggets of information we gleaned.

  1. “Nothing You Can Do To Me” is about frontman Jesse Barnett’s dog.
  2. “Amber” was inspired by a friend of Barnett’s who took her life at a young age.
  3. Everyone in the band is straight edge.
  4. The band wrote both “Nobody” and “The Crown” completely from scratch in the studio while recording Disobedient.
  5. Drummer George Schmidt’s personal dream tour would include AFI, Rise Against, Thrice and Green Day.
  6. If you’re ever trying to find the band before a show, odds are they’re at Chipotle or Panera.
  7. The band wishes they could bring “Scarecrow” back into the setlist, so if you want to hear it, start yelling for it at shows.
  8. Stop pining for guitarist Josh James’ other band Casey Jones to return: He says it’s officially dead.
  9. Each band member has their own influences, but the bands the group can agree on include Boy Sets Fire, Metallica and Hatebreed.
  10. Many of the soundbites you hear on Disobedient and other STYG records are courtesy of philosopher Jiddu Krishamurti.