10 things we learned from 36 Crazyfists’ Reddit AMA

Alaskan hard rockers 36 Crazyfists embarked on a lengthy Reddit AMA yesterday, tackling fan questions from the super-serious to the super-not-so-serious. We know Reddit can be a pretty difficult place to navigate sometimes, so we thought we’d whittle it down to the 10 most important nuggets of information we gleaned.

  1. 36 Crazyfists are pro-Spotify.
  2. Frontman Brock Lindow really likes kale smoothies.
  3. Their album The Tide And Its Takers was inspired by Lindow having friends and family in the military, some serving in Iraq.
  4. Their song “Aurora” was inspired by—you guessed it—the Aurora Borealis.
  5. The band plan on heading back to Europe this Fall.
  6. Canadians, don’t worry: They’re coming for you too.
  7. The band members are into a variety of heavy music currently, including Mos Generator and All Hail The Yeti.
  8. Lindow hopes that one day, the band will record and release a cover of Dax Riggs’ “Night Is The Notion.”
  9. What truly inspires 36 Crazyfists? Well, “titties and beer,” of course.
  10. In the eternal battle between one horse-sized duck and 10 duck-sized horses, 36 Crazyfists side with the latter.