Funeral For A Friend have released a new video for their exciting new song, “Pencil Pusher.” The new song is the second release from their highly anticipated seventh studio album, Chapter and Verse, which is set to hit streets in the US on January 27th via Distiller Records. An album sampler is currently streaming on YouTube and fans are invited to pre-order the album by going here.

Check out the music video for “Pencil Pusher”  here:

“Pencil Pusher” follows the album’s first single ‘1%’ which received worldwide acclaim and premiered on the UK’s  BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show. Lead singer Matt Davies explains: “it’s a song about frustration, about letting the little things get to you, building gradually over time before you explode in a hail of fury and fire and blood.”

Recorded in two weeks with Lewis Johns in the UK, Chapter and Verse is a classic Funeral For A Friend effort in the spectacular way it melds gruff attitude with melodic choruses. It also happens to be one of the most sonically diverse and hard hitting records the band has ever made. Flitting frantically between relentless blast beats and heavy, discordant riffs to the kind of guitar lines you would tend to expect from Midwestern bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, Chapter and Verse is yet another statement that says Funeral For A Friend is not a band that can be placed in a box as easily as some would assume.

Funeral For A Friend is one of the last remaining bastions of the British hardcore scene that exploded into the mainstream at the turn of the century. Bursting out of the UK in 2001, Funeral For A Friend were hailed as the saviors of rock music from a young age and given the task of re-energizing a scene in desperate need of fresh blood. They are veterans, in many ways, but fourteen years after their formation and the band still packs as much punch and purpose as they started with, if not more.

2013’s Conduit was an exemplary moment of a band breaking out from the weight of expectation that had been placed on their shoulders before they even started. Vivid, aggressive and urgent, Conduit shook off every presumption that had been attached to Funeral For A Friend after the release of their era-defining album Casually Dressed and Deep In Conversation in 2003. What follows, is Chapter and Verse – natural follow-on from the confidence and conviction displayed on Conduit.