Talking In Your Sleep With The Cinema

The Cinema 2015

If Leighton Antelman isn’t creating music with his indie pop band Lydia, then he’s spending the rest of his time with his pop band The Cinema. While that might seem like a difficult task to keep up with, it’s not for the musician. The Cinema released their second full-length album, Talking In Your Sleep, independently in December and don’t have any plans on slowing down.

Antelman has a different way of writing with The Cinema compared to his other band, Lydia. Ideas are exchanged through the Internet between Antelman and the only other person in the band, Matt Malpass. After feeling confident with enough material, they’ll hit the studio, unlike Lydia where the entire process will consist of being in the same room together from the start.

“There’s pros and cons to both,” Antelman said. “I like writing by myself and I like starting a song and getting as much stuff as I can put on it. But then there is a cool vibe and aspect to getting in a room and really hashing out stuff. It’s two completely different experiences.”

The name for the album, “Talking In Your Sleep,” comes from a lyric on the record that Antelman decided would fit the theme of the LP. While there is room for a lot of interpretation from other people in the title, the band wanted to head with the idea of the title dealing with random thoughts.

“It’s one of the lyrics on the record and I interpreted that talking in your sleep is very unfiltered and you can’t control what you say,” Antelman said. “It’s kind of just like whatever you’re talking in your sleep, you’re not choosing to say that. It’s just kind of coming out. It’s kind of like a cool idea or general theme behind the record. It’s very raw and very whatever is going on inside your head, that’s what you’re going to say when you’re talking in your sleep.”

While the band chose their song, “Call It In The Air,” to be the first single from the album, most of Antelman’s lyrical content consists of fictional and nonfictional elements. It’s a process he started ever since he first started writing music.

“Sometimes you just have to put it down for a little bit and go live your life,” Antelman said. “I like to write songs in fiction and nonfiction. You shouldn’t have to write about everything that is 100 percent true. It’s like storytelling. It doesn’t have to be 100 percent true. I’ve written both ever since I first started writing songs.”

The duo doesn’t have any shows planned right now but wants to push their live performance this year. Aside from his time in Lydia, Antelman knows this side project is going to play shows this year because he actually wants to.

“It’s challenging, but if you really want to do it you can figure out ways to do it just like for anything.”

The Cinema 2015