REVIEW: Twin Limb – “Long Shadow”

There is something about Louisville, KY that consistently produces extraordinarily talented artists across multiple genres. And while I intend to learn exactly what that is, in the meantime meet Louisville’s own Twin LimbThe eccentric duo has given a new twist to the dream-pop sound with the release of their new single “Long Shadow”.

Their style is reminiscent of a mix of ambient folk band Daughter, synthpop band Polica, with an inkling of folk duo The Civil Wars. One of the distinguishing features of this song is the prominent use of the accordion; through which they add their own folk dynamic to the mix. The use of a minimalist drum kit brilliantly complements the ethereal atmosphere. Lacey Guthrie and Maryliz Guillemi meld seamlessly throughout the course of what is ultimately an exceptionally well written song.

Perhaps intentionally coinciding with it’s title, “Long Shadow” is a haunting track, capable of stirring the most stoic of us all with it’s emotive and free flowing nature. As the song reaches it’s climax the soaring vocals breathe a second wind into the sails and showing this song for what it is at it’s core, magic.

The video in and of itself is simple, but very fitting for the sound. And serves to accentuate what emotion has been communicated. This is the beginning of what will be a very exciting journey for this band.

Catch Twin Limb on tour with Houndmouth in February.