REVIEW: Tear Out The Heart – ‘Dead, Everywhere’

With an infectious style born from the hardcore scene in St. Louis, Missouri Tear Out The Heart have made a name for themselves since signing with Victory Records in August of 2012. Their debut album Violence was released through the Chicago based label in early 2013. After recording with Caleb Shomo of Beartooth they are slated to release their sophomore effort Dead, Everywhere on January 27th.

Each song on this record is its own collection of madness. None more so than the explosive second track “Feel Real” which effectively generates a chaotic atmosphere through savage riffs and the utilization of Tyler Konersman’s booming screams. The gloves officially come off with lines such lines like “life doesn’t fight fair so why should I?”

Tear Out The Heart are at their best during tracks like “Viking Funeral” in which the essence of the album is captured through a different display of their talents. What is lacking in ornate instrumentation is made up for in painfully sincere lyrics and fierce growls infused with violent intentions. This song is the deep breath after paying your dues in the rowdiest of pits before realizing that the evening is far from over.

Their momentum continues with the exceptionally charged and profoundly haunting “The Epitome Of Misery.” And while catchy enough to be an album favorite it’s still heavy enough to move even the most unyielding of metal fans, ensuring the satisfaction of a wider target audience.

Tear Out The Heart have a product to be proud of with this record. Ferocious vocals and break downs heavier than the weight Atlas is said to still be carrying on his shoulders, Dead, Everywhere is able to stand alongside the top metalcore acts of our time. And they’ve fought for the right to be considered among the breakout talents of 2015.