REVIEW: Streetfight Silence – ‘Dream On, Dreamer’

English rock band Streetfight Silence are reaching across international borders with their sophomore effort Dream On, Dreamer. The 14 track album comes as a follow up to their fairly successful 2012 debut release Cutting Strings. Dream On, Dreamer was released on December 1st of 2014.

Beginning with title track, “Dream on, Dreamer,” listeners are straightaway introduced to the vibrant and downright catchy style this band has come to be known for.  While this track does not offer much in the way of lyrical depth, it is evident that the content means something to them. This is most apparent during the bridge which rings out like an anthem “These are our dreams and they’re made by how we live them out/This is our time/and it’s down to what we do with it.” Something simple enough that you can remember the words to sing along with them while being just amorphous enough to resonate with fans in a personal way.

The record gleams in a few spots, such as in “Between The Lines,” “Heartless” and “Down, But Not Out”. Largely due to the distinct instrumentation sounding as if their fingers were simply dancing along the fret board as they hit all the right notes. The highlight of this venture comes in the form of “Born And Raised” which tiptoes the line between alt rock and something heavier due to light traces of metal-core influences. Vocalist Russ Merry displays his chops with the best vocal work he’s done on the record, showing off the range of his singing talents in the best possible way.

Overall Streetfight Silence is a band whose music would not feel out of place in a mix of top radio hits. Providing an easy listening experience for those who are not frequent listeners of rock. But also giving those who are picky about music an album full of technical writing and strong vocal work. What is lacking in stylistic diversity at on a consistent track-to-track basis is more than made up for with soaring vocals and a genuinely enjoyable listening experience.