REVIEW: Lost in Society split EP with River Jumpers

Lost in Society surprised fans by dropping a split EP with River Jumpers.

It seems as though headlining at Asbury Lanes to commemorate their 10 year anniversary and announcing a European tour wasn’t enough to keep the NJ punk rockers busy. The band contributed three songs to the split EP they share with the River Jumpers.

Lost in Society’s European tour will start February 26 and end March 24.

The EP feature three songs from each band. The first three are from the River Jumpers and the focus is made clear through each melodic punk tracks introductions.

Each introduction is led by instrumentals to hype the listener up for the upcoming vocals. This is found profoundly on the their third contribution titled, ¨Diamonds.¨ The listener is welcomed by 30 seconds of instrumentals hyping the vocal aspect of the song. However, lyrically it failed to deliver what the instrumentals had tried to hype up.

The chorus, ¨That girl is a diamond in the rough,¨ was something any anxiety filled pre-teen could conjure up while staring at his English class crush. The chorus is followed by instrumentals and repeated until the end.

However, the opposite could be said for the River Jumpers first two songs on the EP. The first track, ¨All our histories,¨ has an upbeat start which leads into vocal describing abandonment and the essence of time.

It’s a very interesting contrast from ¨Diamonds.¨ Lyrically, the track is worth a second listen before establishing an opinion on it. Though there is an upbeat at the start of the song, the tempo slows down as the words ¨running out of time¨ slip through the vocalist’s mouth. As the song ends the beat is picked up heavily and the screaming vocalist’s paints a picture of frustration. Lyrically, this song is the best of the three contributions from the River Jumpers.

The next three songs on the EP are from Lost in Society. Fans will be reassured that the band has not wandered too far from their melodic punk rock ways.

¨Disconnect¨ is the first of the three contributions lIS made to the EP. The introduction to the song is a low bass with a much slower tempo in comparison to River Jumps tracks. Alone, the track is lovely, but in an EP it throws the listener a curve ball.

Zach Moyles deep melancholy voices guides the listener through well written lyrics. However, it isn’t long before the song picks up just 51 seconds in. Though Moyles’ voice doesn’t pick up with the sound, just two minutes in the drums and guitar leads the song to an end.

The fifth song, ¨Plastic,¨ didn’t stand out on the album. It could have been easily mistaken for the surprise ending to ¨Disconnect.¨ However, the following track ¨Too late too fast¨ made up for it.

¨Too late too fast¨ is guided by the heavy emphasis on bass and drums, which slowly but profoundly pick up, it would make any punk rock fan happy. It took a minute and a half before the whisper of a familiar melancholy voice interrupts.

Though instrumentally the song is done well, vocally it lost the listeners interest. There was a sense of excitement when the music picked up and led into a  guitar and drum solo. The excitement could be compared to a car chase taking place in Miami in the 80’s. The end is drawn by the guitar solo, which fit well.

Overall, the EP has some great contributions and some misses from both  bands. The pairing of the bands isn’t the best, but that could just be the order of the tracks.