REVIEW: Bowling For Soup – ‘Songs That People Actually Liked Volume 1’

Never say die! Twenty years after formation, seminal pop-punk band Bowling For Soup are still at it.

Jam packed with the band’s greatest hits from 1994 to 2003, Songs That People Actually Liked Volume 1 is a recapitulation of the brash, tongue in cheek, pop-rock anthems of love, loss and reeking havoc we’ve come to know and love.

The album features a mix of fun-loving staples of the TRL generation. From their breakthrough Girl All The Bad Guys Want to the cleverly comedic portrayal of bleak realism in Punk Rock 101, the best from the first half of Bowling For Soup’s career are all present and accounted for.

And the impudent punk-rockers show no signs of slowing. The four Texans performed many of the songs from their upcoming release during their stint on The Vans Warped Tour’s main stage this past summer; showcasing their refusal to grow up.

Whet your appetite for pop-punk nostalgia with the first installment of hits from Bowling For Soup. Pick up the retrospective Songs That People Actually Liked Volume 1 in stores January 27th.